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Get the perfect smile with Invisalign the clear way to straighten your teeth Dr. Bella Normatov is a certified INVISALIGN provider in Forest Hills. INVISALIGN is for patients who are looking to achieve a straight smile and do not want to use traditional metal braces. It is possible to achieve a beautiful smile using Invisalign which uses virtually invisible plastic aligners which shift the position of your teeth every two weeks.

How does INVISALIGN work?

Invisalign uses a series of specially designed aligners in order to straighten your teeth. Every two weeks a patient will be sent sent new aligners and this orthodontic treatment will apply the pressure to the teeth that is required as part of the specially designed treatment process. The process begins using computer imaging in order to take an impression of your teeth and then map the journey taht your teeth will take until they are perfectly straight. and don't turn normal tick bite impressions which should be used in order to send to Invisalign which one Vincennes the prescription for plastic aligners actor Forest Hills Dental Office we have many patients who smiles have been transformed with the use of Invisalign. The process of using Invisalign must be constantly monitored by the dentist throughout the course of teh treatment. and don't ignore them will insist that you attend all Invisalign appointments this will help to achieve the best results

Patients choose to have root canals when they wish to save a tooth that would otherwise have to be removed. Most patients believe that extracting the tooth is the best idea. However, pulling a tooth is costly and leaves a space that may cause problems for other adjacent teeth. The removed tooth should be replaced by dental implants, which is also costly.

Benefits of INVISALIGN over traditional braces:

    • Appearance
    • Duration of treatment
    • Proven results from millions of patients
    • Safety

Are Invisalign braces invisible?

Invisalign braces are composed of aligners that are barely detectable and thatare custom molded to fit against your teeth. They are hardly noticeable many patients have told us that people do not even know that they have wearing them. After a while the patient will hardly even know that they are attached to their teeth. It is only upon closer inspection that you can actually see the plastic aligners.

What types of cases can INVISALIGN fix?

When the tooth is numbed, the dentist will place a rubber dam (rubber protection) around the tooth to keep it dry and free of saliva. An opening is made at the top of the tooth and a series of root canal files are placed inside the opening one at a time. These remove the pulp, the nerve tissue and any bacteria inside here. If there is decay inside it will be removed with special dental instrument.

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