Dental Extractions in Forest Hills

Following dental extractions, there is likely to be some discomfort, but this should subside within 24 hours and should respond well to painkillers. If persistent pain is occurring after this period, then there is a chance that you may have developed a post extraction infection. This is much more likely if you are a smoker.

It is important to arrange an appointment to see a dentist, as left untreated these can become quite painful. Treatment normally consists of stopping smoking, irrigation of the extraction site, placement of an antiseptic dressing and use of antibiotics.Swelling after an extraction is entirely normal, and is the body's natural response. It should normally start to settle down within three days, but if it persists after this, then it is best to arrange an appointment.

What are the indications that a tooth needs extracted?

    • Heavily decayed or broken teeth where bacteria extended too deep into the pulp (nerve) causing infection and abscess. If infection is so severe that antibiotics or root canal treatment do not cure it, extraction may be needed to prevent the spread of infection.
    • Extraction can be the only solution in advance gum disease
    • A crowded mouth. Sometimes dentists extract teeth to prepare the mouth for orthodontics and create the needed space to realign teeth.
    • Wisdom teeth sometimes has no space in the jaw to erupt and with repeated infection, tooth extraction can be the only option.
    • Extra teeth or baby teeth that do not fall and prevent the eruption of permanent teeth
    • Risk of infection. If your immune system is compromised (for example, if you are receiving chemotherapy or are having an organ transplant) even the risk of infection in a particular tooth may be reason to remove the tooth.
  • The patient may experience severe tooth ache.
  • There may be swelling or tenderness around the tooth.

Reasons for root canal therapy:

The decay inside the tooth has reached the pulp of the tooth (the living tissue inside the tooth); the infection may have become an abscess which has developed at the root tip, or there may have been injury or trauma to the tooth.


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